Practice Areas


  • Professional tax preparations

  •  personal returns

  • self-employed returns

  • corporate returns

  • final returns

  • trust returns

  • efiling.

  • assistance with all matters involving the Canada Revenue Agency. (CRA)


Engaging my firm for payroll processing ensures:

  • your employees receive accurate, on-time paycheques
  • payroll remittances are done efficiently and on time. Late payroll remittances penalties are expensive!
  • ​end of the year T4s are issued to employees in a timely manner plus ​​any  T5s that are required​​​​.

I also accept engagements to track employees' vacation days, sick days, hours, etc., and employee  tracking programs to meet client needs.


Tax is becoming ever more complicated. The fact is that our global economy creates more and more complex transactions for all entities that pay Canadian tax.

Now more than ever clients are faced with complex rules in determining what decisions would be best for their businesses and their personal taxes.

I continually update my professional skills in order to stay current to resolve the complex issues that clients face.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a leading concern for a great many clients.

Current trends in the demographics of Canada is bringing tax planning to the forefront for businesses, families and individuals.

Small business owner/managers are looking for the best ways to transition their  businesses along with their personal holdings to their heirs.

Tax plans are as varied as the businesses and personal situations I deal with.  We should meet to discuss structuring a plan that fits your needs. 


Various levels of bookkeeping engagements are available to suit your needs.

Up-to-date books are essential to knowing your business situations at any given time.

Cash Management

Cash management of any business is one of or possible the most important process to be on top of.

  • timely bank reconciliations
  •  budget projections
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable management are keys to the success of any company.

Engaging my services for your accounting, bookkeeping, taxation needs frees up your resources to focus on other key areas of your business.  Your inquiry to discuss your needs are welcome. Call Robert Ciprick at 905-334-6118.


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